Network Access Control

Simplify Network Access Control in Heterogeneous Networks

You need a way to implement and maintain Zero Trust access for your many network types and array of connected things – including employee devices returning back to the office post-COVID, remotely connected devices, transient devices, guest/BYOD devices and IoT, OT and smart devices. Cyber Arms network access control (NAC) gives you the ability to continuously identify all connected things, assess their posture, automate remediation workflows and implement access controls for provisioning least-privilege access.


Cyber Arms modern NAC solution goes beyond simple device authentication to identify every device, assess its security posture, trigger remediation workflows and implement access control across heterogeneous networks. It continuously monitors all connected devices and automates response when noncompliance or unusual behaviors are detected.

Best of all, Forescout doesn’t rely on agents or 802.1X. It uses a combination of 20+ passive and active techniques for granular visibility, with options to use passive-only methods for sensitive and critical infrastructure environments. You gain comprehensive visibility of all devices within days, and policy-based controls are often functional within weeks.

"I could see clearly that every one of my direct reports would have an application for the Cyber Arms plateform. There's no question it would help dramatically in security, Compliance and desktop suppport."

–Michael Hussey, Chief Information Officer, State of Utah

"In short, Cyber Arms is the front line of our active defense. It gives us the information we need to make smart decisions about security as well as infrastructure and operations."

–Hector Mendez, Chief Security Officer, Mobility ADO

" The whole time-consuming process has now compeletly disappeared. Effectively, the user makes that change, and the Forcescout platform just deals with it, and we don't have to get involved at all. Our users are happier because they don't see any interruption to the service. It's completely transparent to them."

–Bernard Crane, Infrastructure Architect, Boden


Visibility into every IP-connected device

Discover and classify every workstation, laptop, printer, IP phone, camera, access point, IoT device, OT device, medical device and more.


Real-time asset inventory

Quickly build a detailed inventory of every device’s configuration and compliance state to streamline asset management, security operations and IT support.


Automated security posture assessment and remediation

Assess device security posture in real time without agents and remediate noncompliant devices upon connection.


Policy enforcement across heterogeneous networks

Improve security and business uptime by preventing unauthorized, rogue and impersonating devices from connecting.


Zero Trust security

Enforce least-privileged access based on device and user identity, device hygiene and real-time compliance status across heterogeneous networks.


Workflow Orchestration with existing security tools

Choose plug-and-play integration modules or customize apps using APIs to boost security, accelerate response and maximize ROI.