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Raising security levels through predicting, preventing and responding to financially motivated cybercrime


Creating Advanced Multi-Layered protection for Finance Industry

Digitalization should not impair cybersecurity efficiency

Adaptive Security for Finance organisations


Digitalization should not impair cybersecurity efficiency

The lure of actual money and ongoing transactions makes financial services a primary target for some of the most dangerous cybercriminals. It’s becoming clear that, with advances in fraud technologies, cybercriminals are switching their focus away from the ‘easy pickings’ of customers to the more challenging but rewarding targets provided by services providers themselves. Cyber Arms multi-layered approach helps financial services providers to implement an adaptive security strategy.
Systems are now interconnected and mobile devices extensively used both for remote access and for data sharing. This digitization increasingly exposes finance organizations to both generic and targeted attacks.

Adaptive Security for Finance organisations

Cyber Arms is a pioneer in helping businesses to adapt their security strategies – to defend their systems and data against advanced threats and targeted attacks – assisted by our world-leading security intelligence. We help organizations like yours to mitigate the risks, detect attacks at an earlier stage, deal with live attacks and improve protection against future attacks, through:

Targeted attack detection

Comprehensive multi-vector discovery and risk mitigation of advanced threats and targeted attacks

Endpoint, ATM and POS systems security

All-in one security specificalli designed for Embedded systems, ATMs and Point-of-Sale devices

Hybrid Cloud Security

Borderless security engineered for your hybrid cloud

Threat intelligence for isolated networks

Evidence-based knowledge, including context and actionable recommendations regarding cyberthreats

Cyber Arms within the financial services industry

To be sure, the financial services industry needs more qualified Cyber Armns professionals. All business sectors struggle with the current cybersecurity skills shortage, but financial services companies are often high profile targets and must be particularly vigilant when it comes to Cyber Arms. As the gatekeepers of valuable customer PII, financial institutions are subject to an ever-increasing number of cybersecurity rules and regulations. With pressure from regulatory agencies and the need to protect brand reputation, financial firms are motivated to provide significant investment and collaboration to improve cybersecurity preparedness, response, and resiliency across the sector.

Cyber Arms solutions for the financial services industry

The financial industry struggles to keep pace with technological innovation. Legacy systems that would be costly to replace, while only an inconvenience to customers, may pose a significant threat to financial institutions. On the other hand, hackers often benefit from new technologies that make it easier to attack legacy systems. 

Financial services leaders must recognize that hackers will find ways to exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may be in computer systems and networks, or they may be in processes and procedures. Constructing a tech firewall is just the first line of defense. 

Many financial institutions find value in creating internal or hiring external penetration teams. Red team — blue team exercises can expose cyber vulnerabilities while providing invaluable training for the internal cyber defenders. 

The Risk

Cyber-attacks are amongst the most dangerous business risks faced by the financial services sector. But while the risks – and the techniques adopted by cybercriminals – are constantly evolving, too many businesses rely on yesterday’s security technologies to protect against today’s and tomorrow’s threats:

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